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safe1675476 artist:tjpones3031 oc665425 oc only438205 oc:tjpones130 earth pony237430 pony938287 black and white12576 cellphone3312 chef250 chef's hat673 desk3155 duo58406 grayscale37337 hat84337 male362439 monochrome147788 phone5889 smartphone1831 stallion104752


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You Were Happy..
You are not my chef yet, Boyardee.. Nor would I obey that order, even if you were!

Then I'm afraid I must consider this an act of.. seasoning..
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

The birds & the *WHEEZE*
Listen here, you little shid. We can like food that isn't maple syrup and ketchup chips. We can like cheaply made canned pasta and boxes of dried pasta and cheese powder too.

(This comment is not meant to be serious or grumpy)
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