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Well, it was made on 3ds. Hope you like it! <3  
Fluttershy very love pink roses ❣🌹💕  
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safe2155187 artist:dreamyskies150 fluttershy256171 pegasus488299 pony1583144 g42007810 3ds548 :p14131 adorasexy12595 blushing269131 cute263259 daaaaaaaaaaaw6918 detailed1145 female1781960 flirting2407 flower38736 forest background965 heart74721 heart eyes29088 looking at you254751 mare728746 rose5218 sexy45302 shy6168 shyabetes19027 solo1410339 sparkles8710 sunlight2628 tongue out145025 wingding eyes38860 wings217282


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