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safe1675464 artist:tjpones3031 gilda9467 griffon26413 behaving like a bird612 behaving like a cat2127 black and white12576 catbird113 cute195201 dialogue63794 dweeb133 female1335591 gildadorable359 grayscale37337 griffons doing bird things55 griffons doing cat things66 hypocrisy217 mirror5119 monochrome147787 nest499 silly7351 solo1043238 talking to viewer2541 text58032


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Background Pony #527C
@Background Pony #F12A
1) Not "birds", magpies. Other bird species are just as confused by mirrors as other animals.
2) You forgot dolphins and elephants. They've also been shown to grasp the concept of mirrors.
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Background Pony #F12A
I'm looking at this and all I can think about is how birds are the only animals other than humans and chimpanzees to recognize themselves in a mirror
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Background Pony #248F
"Yeah, I know. She used to be even angrier when I first met her, but she's been working on it, and I think she's made a lot of progress."
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…And now all I can think of is having to put up with a bird going "who's a pretty bird?" And making kissy sounds at a mirror. Ah birdbrains and mirrors.
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