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safe1658746 artist:velveagicsentryyt421 cozy glow7099 lord tirek5129 queen chrysalis34000 oc655227 oc:cosmic27 oc:dawnna4 changeling45121 hybrid17447 pony922871 zebra16959 zony888 base used18231 book32459 deviantart watermark3071 discussion in the comments717 female1321670 filly63975 legion of doom281 legion of doom statue85 magic70883 obtrusive watermark4226 offspring36930 parent:royal guard38 parent:starlight glimmer1336 parent:sunburst1028 parent:zecora315 parents:guardcora6 parents:starburst492 watermark15240 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2317


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Background Pony #1778
@Smart Heart
Tirek:Yes,yes,yes already! We're good we're good!

Queen chrysalis:now let us out of here, or you'll suffer diar consequences!
Background Pony #BE92
True, admittadly just randomly releasing them without a plan might not be the smartest of ideas, but it might be the only way to get Twilight and co. think about it.

@TB Tabby
Not sure if they wanted help, but neither did Discord at first. They certainly needed it.
Background Pony #1778
Queen chrysalis: i queen chrysalis order you two to release from this stone prison at once!

If the three were making the same mistakes as discord while also trying to be better

Like that time Discord almost plunged Equestria into a state of mass chaos?

That being said even in frenemies they talked about they wanted to crush their enemies to dust and laugh as they all screamed so it depends on how its written.

By that logic I may as well bring up the later parts of Frenemies where they learned to work together and almost have a revelation thus proving they have potential for change.

it would have been the reverse many saying they dont deserve redemption

Considering the way things were going in Frenemies I doupt that would have as many people complaining about it as this. At least that would keep the heroes as consistant characters who aren't cruel hypocrits.

Farewell Yamato
Last time i checked
Discord tried to do the same
Starlight tried to do same as well.
Whatch the catch here? i smell Hypoc….do I need to say it?