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Calypso sure does care for Trixie… and Fluttershy.
Commissioned by NaturalGlitch
Commission Prices 2021
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safe1996005 artist:metalhead97772 fluttershy240662 trixie75395 oc849710 oc:calypso kiosko9 equestria girls236986 equestria girls series38976 holidays unwrapped2738 saving pinkie's pie307 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16512 boots29158 chocolate4112 clothes568696 coat3518 commission99193 cup7907 cute239784 diatrixes3631 female1626099 food89428 hat110559 hot chocolate1519 kneeling11431 open mouth202324 scared12798 scarf29011 shipping232711 shoes50928 show accurate23624 smiling338611 snow17503 snowball766 snowball fight403 sweater17693 this will not end well2166 trixieshy168 warmers19


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