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Poor Sphinxie just doesn't get stage magic. She's well versed in all manner of ancient and arcane magics, some forgotten by or completely unheard of by ponykind, but how the hell was a unicorn able to tell which card she picked, without fail, without visibly using any magic, and without even touching the cards?! Madness! :P
safe1687647 artist:badumsquish1933 derpibooru exclusive27937 sphinx (character)928 trixie66790 pony949363 sphinx1882 unicorn315309 abstract background14262 angry26749 cape10105 clothes452626 dialogue64379 dreamworks face877 duo59488 female1345770 headdress538 magic trick608 mare471707 raised eyebrow6516 screaming3343 sharp teeth3643 show accurate14339 size difference14004 smug5882 teeth9394 that's trixie18 trixie's cape3702 windswept mane2762 windswept tail136 yelling3049


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Background Pony #42BE
@Dirty Bit
Second rule: Don't ever apologize for being the smartest one in the room.

Yes I saw Far From Home, shoot me :P
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Doot Doot
After several failed challenges and multiple nights being a bottom, Sphinxy grants trixie her own Sphinx enchanted crown. :D
Background Pony #7CDC
trixie guessed the card because she's the best sorceress in all of equestria, duh!
Bluesliver The sphinxlover

The sphinxlover
Oh Luna, that was a good one! Trixie is just so wonderful when she is in her right element. xD Now i just imagine the Sphinx got so angry that she throw her headdress on Trixie, there looks silly adorable with the headdress on her head. <3
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@Conversed Corruption
@Background Pony #C5F1
@Background Pony #BFD9
I based it on a trick a fella showed me in a bar once where he had me pick a card from a deck, shuffle it in, and then he'd draw the card I picked from the top of the deck. The only time he touched the cards was when he drew mine. It was crazy :D

Smug Trixie is best Trixie :P

@Dirty Bit
The best part was Sphinxie gloating how she is too well-versed in magic to fall for a magic "trick" :P

@Dirty Bit
Nah. Trixie is the kind of pony who firmly believes that if God himself descended from the heavens, put a shotgun to her head, and pulled the trigger, he would miss XD

Especially since this means Trixie won their challenge XD

@Bluesliver The sphinxlover
And next time the trick will be a little different.
Trixie: "Was the 7 of hearts your card?"
Sphinx: "Hah! No, it was the 3 of diamonds!"
Trixie: "Oh, like the one stuck under your headdress?"
Sphinx: [Confused screaming] XD