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It wasn't long before Fox and Krystal found Twilight Sparkle with Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer in the library. After introductions were made, the McClouds explained to the trio about Minerva's request and Wilford's situation.

Super Smash Bros Melee — Fox Icon: So we were wondering if any of you three ever come across something like this.

twilight sparkle (hmm…) plz: Hmmm..Not that I know of. How about you, Starlight?

:iconstarlightworryplz:: Like you, Twilight, I've studied magic for years but never came across anything like this, let alone a werewolf.

Sunset Shimmer Hoof Gesturers: Now don't look at me. I've read stories about werewolves at Canterlot High but never had an encounter.

Krystal Icon 4: So we can take it that werewolves are non-existent in Equestria.

All three nodded.

Krystal Icon 5: Well, what now?

Crabs Look Interesting: I guess we may have to go to an outside source.

Krystal Icon 6: You mean like The Forbidden Zone?

Twilight Sparkle (wow) plz: The Forbidden Zone? What's that?

Fox McCloud 9 Version 2: An area in our base where we have been keeping confidential information.

:iconsunsetembarrassingplz:: Oh boy. If this Forbidden Zone is anything like the restricted Area in the Canterlot Library, somepony here is going to go out of her mind.

:iconstarlightsexyplz:: And I think I know who.

Twilight's Scream : What are you looking at me for?

Fox and Krystal try to muffle any laughter. But they know that when Twilight sees The forbidden Zone, she'll be running loose like a child in a candy store.


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