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Not quite what you were expecting when she agreed to do anal with you :P
explicit423742 artist:badumsquish2324 derpibooru exclusive35327 coco pommel6755 earth pony372022 pony1347705 2 panel comic2510 bait and switch737 bed51074 blushing242537 coco is an anal slut311 coco's apartment39 comic125407 crescent moon2387 dialogue81933 draw me like one of your french girls1514 erection22070 futa55889 futa coco pommel135 grin54089 heart63377 horsecock87610 imminent pegging105 imminent sex9254 intersex53754 looking at you221872 moon28343 night33383 nudity459577 penis190651 precum13506 show accurate23621 show accurate porn8950 sitting80199 smiling338363 solo1287424 solo futa19665 talking to viewer4455 what a twist164 window11537 you are coco's anal slut1


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Background Pony #309A
@Background Pony #3C2F  
Oh, I definitely agree. Most ponies are cute, but not all of the time. However, those four manage to be cute no matter what they’re doing (including trying not to be cute).