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Not quite what you were expecting when she agreed to do anal with you :P
explicit343257 artist:badumsquish1905 derpibooru exclusive27680 coco pommel5869 earth pony237914 pony939444 2 panel comic1107 bait and switch619 bed39900 blushing192669 coco is an anal slut249 coco's apartment37 comic107091 crescent moon1796 dialogue63864 draw me like one of your french girls1284 erection13492 futa44742 futa coco pommel96 grin37100 heart47119 horsecock66725 imminent pegging78 imminent sex5938 intersex42654 looking at you163203 moon23039 night25623 nudity361554 penis149792 precum10317 show accurate14072 show accurate porn6748 sitting61418 smiling240465 solo1044003 solo futa16266 talking to viewer2551 window8257 you are coco's anal slut1


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@Background Pony #3C2F
Oh, I definitely agree. Most ponies are cute, but not all of the time. However, those four manage to be cute no matter what they're doing (including trying not to be cute).
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She's the type who will get on top of you, cling to you from behind in a hug, go at it, and fall asleep with her dick still in you :D

@Background Pony #309A
It's the polite thing to do :D

Coco has a wand that's thicker around than your arm :P

@Background Pony #3C2F
Probably :P


A true Coco lover would want to have Coco cum inside them, feeling her hot breath on the back of their neck :P


I only like to add dialogue if it's absolutely necessary for the context of the pic :D