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Not quite what you were expecting when she agreed to do anal with you :P
explicit366103 artist:badumsquish2027 derpibooru exclusive29721 coco pommel6120 earth pony274759 pony1030558 2 panel comic1425 bait and switch656 bed42920 blushing207479 coco is an anal slut263 coco's apartment39 comic112491 crescent moon1958 dialogue69042 draw me like one of your french girls1356 erection16030 futa48080 futa coco pommel110 grin41995 heart50785 horsecock73014 imminent pegging83 imminent sex7484 intersex45851 looking at you178690 moon24555 night27902 nudity387380 penis161348 precum11338 show accurate17394 show accurate porn7495 sitting66596 smiling267022 solo1109083 solo futa17145 talking to viewer3019 what a twist158 window9101 you are coco's anal slut1


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@Background Pony #3C2F  
Oh, I definitely agree. Most ponies are cute, but not all of the time. However, those four manage to be cute no matter what they’re doing (including trying not to be cute).