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safe2154576 edit171275 edited screencap89353 editor:quoterific8500 screencap293898 amethyst star2956 applejack198791 bon bon18697 carrot bun93 cayenne371 cherry berry2507 daisy2944 dizzy twister1295 flower wishes2944 fluttershy256105 lemon hearts2584 lyra heartstrings33893 minuette6820 orange swirl1295 pinkie pie253640 pretzel twist79 rainbow dash277338 saffron masala1862 serena160 sparkler2952 spring melody1422 sprinkle medley1422 strawberry parchment38 sweetie drops18697 twilight sparkle354723 twinkleshine2683 earth pony437997 mouse1676 pegasus488034 pony1582548 unicorn528874 a canterlot wedding3646 amending fences1410 friendship is magic3838 g42007257 games ponies play1233 just for sidekicks1047 season 15648 season 24807 season 32469 season 53582 season 62783 secret of my excess954 spice up your life1134 stranger than fan fiction1144 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000976 winter wrap up1368 background pony12221 bridesmaid dress417 brushie649 canterlot7095 clothes625700 derp8304 donut2954 dress61001 female1781326 food99982 friendship express645 glowing horn28721 horn179108 levitation16069 magic95555 magic aura8763 mare728358 mouth hold23501 one eye closed45017 ponyville7746 saddle2676 skirt54622 tack7002 telekinesis38581 train3400 train station604


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Background Pony #7BD5
@Smart Heart  
Yeah. She is one of the background ponies to appear in all nine seasons, the Best Gift Ever, Rainbow Roadtrip, and the movie.
Pulse Wave
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant

Busy procrastinating
I remember when people were so mad that she wasn’t called Colgate.
Seriously? You really thought that they’d give her that name?
That was in early season 1 days. Nobody even expected DHX Studio B or Hasbro to ever officially name any background pony. Everyone expected these pure filler ponies to officially remain nameless for all eternity, another reason why the Bronies began to name background ponies themselves. So folks said, “Hey, she’s cute, and her mane and tail look like toothpaste, let’s call her Colgate!”
The beginning of the end for this name was when she was included in a blind bag wave and thus named “Minuette” by Hasbro. Those who believed that Hasbro made the show immediately dropped “Colgate” and said, “Minuette is now canon!1!!” Those who knew that Hasbro’s saying in the show was next to zilch and remembered things like naming Lyra “Heartstrings” (can you even imagine the shitstorm) and Trixie “Lulamoon” (no shitstorm, Bronies were too busy shitstorming over “Heartstrings”) said, “What does Hasbro know about the names of these ponies? She’ll stay Colgate!”
The ending of the end was “Amending Fences” when she was called “Minuette” on screen. And it doesn’t get any more official than the show itself. (In the meantime, names such as Berry Punch or Carrot Top are still in use because these ponies are too popular to be renamed by anyone else than DHX. Not to mention that the DHX crew had called Carrot Top “Carrot Top”, too, before we did.)
Background Pony #B77B
Yeah I know. I myself didn’t mind calling her Colgate. But it was just crazy to see people getting mad about her name being Minuette.
Background Pony #B77B
I remember when people were so mad that she wasn’t called Colgate.
Seriously? You really thought that they’d give her that name?