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safe1640773 edit125848 edited screencap60921 editor:quoterific691 screencap213909 applejack164667 cherry crash611 fluttershy205813 pinkie pie210075 rainbow dash226719 rarity176056 ringo290 sci-twi23008 sunset shimmer60163 twilight sparkle291913 dance magic1479 equestria girls191405 equestria girls (movie)6829 equestria girls series31022 forgotten friendship5109 legend of everfree7781 pinkie on the one126 rainbow rocks17887 rollercoaster of friendship2312 spoiler:eqg specials5139 annoyed5275 geode of empathy2771 geode of sugar bombs1731 geode of telekinesis2621 humane five3095 humane seven2312 humane six2952 magical geodes7985


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