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Don't worry! She won't eat Chryssie!

She'll just scare her a little, so she doesn't do evil ;)

Also, as an alternative name:
safe1675939 artist:banebuster165 princess celestia93783 queen chrysalis34269 twilight sparkle296626 dinosaur1013 human151676 original species24611 reptile392 triceratops63 tyrannosaurus rex263 series:tiny tia109 barefoot26823 caveman67 cowering246 eye contact6411 eyes on the prize5340 feet38731 frown22445 humanized98697 loincloth1121 looking at each other19363 lying down15396 muscles11793 open mouth140065 prehistoric61 primal9 prone24975 pun7437 scared10228 simple background383502 smiling240295 spear2363 species swap18829 text58055 tongue out100928 wavy mouth3551 weapon29779 white background95111 wide eyes16811


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