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A Jessi-ka Story - New Comic!

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suggestive188711 artist:chedx575 gallus9017 ocellus6755 sandbar6796 silverstream7660 smolder11202 changedling11320 changeling65121 classical hippogriff6374 dragon84252 griffon36307 hippogriff13430 pony1582274 g42006913 absurd resolution67069 accidental shipping11 and then sex happened144 blushing268918 butt grab4079 butt touch7855 comic134131 female1781023 french kiss3681 grope18997 hand on butt4221 holly2260 holly mistaken for mistletoe1138 implied sex8087 kiss on the lips6309 kissing32130 male543057 ship:luslus54 shipping251232 straight176599


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Background Pony #709B
Can we all take a moment to appreciate that “Holly Mistaken for Mistletoe” Tag?
And the fact that there are 841 uploads that have that tag?
Background Pony #DFEC
You could’ve added sex onomotapeia “umm, mfffh, aaah” on the second to last panel. That would’ve been the icing on the cake. But this is great as it is.
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Time to get spooky
This is an underappreciated ship. And Yona isn’t here because than she’d want her and Sandbar to be doing it as well.