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Comm: Princess Fluff
Royal fluff always comes with lavender scent!

safe2174155 artist:liaaqila1419 rainbow dash279881 twilight sparkle357706 alicorn314097 pegasus496431 pony1602319 g42028807 the last problem8063 behaving like a cat3080 blushing274068 chest fluff65528 commission117312 cuddling10746 cute265732 dashabetes12237 duo169891 duo female30915 female1802523 fluffy19572 high res407816 lesbian117643 mare740918 nuzzling5052 older39961 older twilight4352 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3838 princess twilight 2.03799 purring280 ship:twidash5854 shipping254135 simple background596219 size difference21327 traditional art143042 twiabetes15286 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149108 white background161742


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