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After a great deal of coercion the reluctant Princess Luna finally agrees to accompany her sister on her annual Hearth's Warming Eve trip to the Canterlot Orphanage. She may have gotten more than she bargained for.

It's been eight years since I posted "While the Pageant Plays", and I've explored a lot of different ideas in my Christmas paintings over that stretch of time. This year I decided to revisit the one that started it all and give it a well-deserved sequel. Looking back it's hard to believe this is the first picture of mine to feature both Royal Sisters together. I might have to draw them again sometime.
Anywho, a great big Merry Christmas to all of you who are still around. Hang in there folks. We've almost made it!

All unofficial characters depicted here were created specifically for this picture or its predecessor. Any resemblance to your OC is unintended and entirely coincidental. ;)

Watercolor and a little bit of gouache on Strathmore watercolor paper. Date of completion: 12/21/20.
safe1708690 artist:the-wizard-of-art81 princess celestia95116 princess luna99207 oc685991 alicorn224890 earth pony249574 pegasus292641 unicorn324346 blushing198010 canterlot5688 canterlot castle2174 christmas14035 christmas tree4151 curved horn6736 female1365179 filly66922 hat87012 high res29687 holiday20145 horn67583 male373474 mare481730 orphanage30 orphans11 royal guard7780 santa hat6077 santa sack160 snow13794 snowfall4464 stallion109172 traditional art117942 tree32290 watercolor painting2761


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Luna: Is this what you do every hearthwarming eve, Sister?

Celestia: For the last 700 years I do.

Luna: But why? Don´t you already finance the orphanages across the land.

Celestia: As if the foals would feel that they are not forgotten by sending money.

Luna: True, but time travel to spend the day at each orphanage all day?

Celestia: Want to add some nighttime too? Sister?
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I miss the show so much
Congratulations, both of you. Looks like you've been selected, just in time for the Hearth's Warming. Just sign the adoption papers. Don't forget the shy one in the back.