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Andd the end of the terrible year 2020 is near
I know it kinda soon but i hope you guys have a wonderful chirstmas with friends and family
also congrat to you guys for survived this year (●´ω`●)
this is my present for y'all, hope you like it <3
safe1677088 artist:heddopen146 rainbow dash230645 pegasus280607 pony939805 adorasexy9466 blushing192744 box4533 christmas13949 cute195443 dashabetes8991 ear fluff28229 eyelashes9360 featured image865 female1336955 holiday19931 hooves17542 if i fits i sits133 looking at you163280 mane1749 mare466811 mouth hold17043 note576 pony in a box953 present5906 ribbon6968 sexy28470 simple background383814 solo1044247 spread wings53035 stuck2535 stupid sexy rainbow dash2515 sweet dreams fuel1507 tail26141 white background95196 wing fluff1586 wings101161


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This is very well done so don't get me the wrong way. The reason this got so much attention and a high number of fav's is because it fits a niche of the fandom. Which I really have to say was very brilliant of the artist.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
I need to return this one to the store and get an exchange, please. I hate this model.

But according to all the literature, this one is at least 20% cooler than the other models available in the catalogue. xD