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Name: Reverie  
Gender Identity: Cis mare  
Pronouns: she/her  
Orientation: Grey-aro/ace (rarely experiences romantic/sexual attraction, or only under specific circumstances)
Parents: Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy (who gave birth to her)  
Siblings: The other “triplets”: Lollipop and Velveteen
Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, painting, flying, helping weatherponies, friendly debate, solving riddles and puzzles, board/card games  
Special Talent: Archeology research  
Future Career: Equestrian diplomat, historian, archeologist and anthropologist (equinologist?), professor/teacher at the School of Friendship and Canterlot University  
Current Job: Ponyville librarian, assistant mayor, and odd jobs that Twilight needs help with
Likes: Books of all kinds, cozy libraries, learning about other cultures’ art/music/history/food/etc., exploring nature, math, organizing, collecting things  
Dislikes: Loud/startling noises, excessively hot weather, being interrupted, xenophobia, when her moms make her cut her mane
When the triplets first stood on wobbly little legs and started to toddle around, Reverie was not quite as outgoing as her siblings. She’d get startled and upset easily; one of the places this didn’t happen though, was the castle library, which Twilight made sure to keep quiet. She was happy to daydream, nap, and explore in there whenever the outside world got to be too much. This is the source of her name, and likely the start of her love of books and libraries as well.
As she got older, she begged her mother to tag along to all library/research trips, and happily attended all of her ‘boring’ princess meetings as well. At first she was content to sit in the back and read a book, but then she started becoming interested in the discussions themselves. Now, she jumps at the opportunity to help Twilight with anything she can, and keeps the castle library so organized that Twilight almost misses getting to organize it herself.
In addition to helping Twilight, she enjoys helping the rest of her moms; she’s fairly good at sewing, dealing with animals, and clearing clouds/weather. She can also follow recipes and instructions, so helping out on the farm is not out of the question. She struggles to find ways to help Pinkie Pie, but Pinkie insists she’s helping by testing out party favors; since she is the town party pony, she needs to know what kinds of things ponies like her little ‘Revie’ would enjoy.
Her parents discovered pretty early on that Reverie is autistic and have all done their research on how to be the best parents they can be for her. She has issues with loud sounds and certain textures, and has days where her social battery drains faster than others. Her moms helped her learn strategies to deal with overstimulating and stressful situations, such as carrying noise cancelling headphones, stepping away for a breath of fresh air, etc, and keep her well supplied with stim toys; her favorite is her chew necklace. She loves her family and thanks them often for the effort they make to keep her comfortable. She often stims with her hair, and she likes it very long. Fluttershy and Rarity help her braid it, but they do enforce a length rule; she hates that, but they tell her that when it gets too long, she’ll just start tripping over it!
In addition to getting a little grumpy when made to get a mane-cut, she can be a poor communicator, and a little blunt, giving ponies the impression she doesn’t like them, when really she’s just not great at social cues.
One of her favorite activities is Ogres and Oubliettes with Twilight, uncle Spike, Sunburst, Discord, and uncle Big Mac. She doesn’t quite like dressing up or doing make-up like her siblings do, but she’ll hang out with them while they do it anyway, finding comfort in their presence. She does like theater quite a bit, and will help Velveteen with his scripts, even if she is not the best actor. She and Lollipop both love board games, and they have built up quite a collection together.
She earned her cutie mark when she solved what was a bit of a mystery for the Canterlot archeologists; while on a Canterlot trip with Twilight, she wandered off into the library like always. She found a table littered with books and scrolls that somepony had left, and found herself interested. She did always find history books the most interesting. So, she set about to learn what was being researched here. After a few hours (or a lot of hours, it was dark outside when she finished), she had translated a scroll from an obscure ancient language. It turned out to be a muffin recipe. When she finally got it, she was thrilled; it was like solving a riddle, but in the end, the reward was unlocking a bit of lost culture. She showed Twilight, who was so proud she almost threw an emergency parade! Instead, she settled for presenting it to the archaeology department of Canterlot University with a bit of fanfare, and Reverie was offered a tuition waiver to attend (when she was old enough). Her cutie mark is an ancient Equestrian bit, with wheat filigree.

Sorry this took so long; I decided to change her name and cutie mark at the last minute, and then got busy with school stuff ^^;

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