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safe2155278 artist:yakovlev-vad593 princess celestia111870 princess luna116307 alicorn310288 pony1583222 gamer luna2893 g42008112 cute263269 cutelestia4258 duo164684 duo female29664 eye clipping through hair13867 eyebrows23433 eyebrows visible through hair10957 female1782047 glowing18438 glowing horn28737 gradient background23889 high res406258 horn179589 hug37200 levitation16081 lunabetes4329 magic95589 magic aura8774 mare728801 nintendo3884 nintendo switch834 open mouth233318 royal sisters6579 s1 luna8443 siblings21236 simple background585960 sisters17599 sitting90799 telekinesis38599 video game5995 wings217305


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She is actually playing Hollow Knight and just beat the Radiance. There can only be ONE sun goddess and one that doesn’t give her subjects infection!