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Painting rocks with Granny Pie

Alt source.
safe1708155 artist:pfeffaroo234 granny pie59 limestone pie4945 marble pie6510 maud pie12479 pinkie pie216369 earth pony249398 pony969264 apron4263 clothes460237 cute200069 drawing4547 dusting50 eye contact6500 eyes closed93719 female1364717 filly66865 filly limestone pie24 filly marble pie24 filly maud pie23 filly pinkie pie401 floppy ears52394 hair over one eye9037 high res29638 hoof hold8318 laughing8017 looking at each other20265 looking at something2603 lying down17303 mare481496 mouth hold17510 paint1913 paint in hair85 paint on fur429 paint stains72 paintbrush1651 painting3597 pie sisters1230 ponyloaf415 prone25567 quintet60 raised hoof45745 rock4473 rock farm528 rock painting3 siblings8624 silly face417 sisters8866 sitting63354 smiling248965 water13286 younger17398


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