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Painting rocks with Granny Pie
safe1768265 artist:pfeffaroo325 granny pie61 limestone pie5132 marble pie6733 maud pie12810 pinkie pie221721 earth pony273776 pony1028216 apron4511 clothes482070 cute207826 drawing4724 dusting56 eye contact6675 eyes closed99817 female1417229 filly70787 filly limestone pie25 filly marble pie25 filly maud pie24 filly pinkie pie414 floppy ears55416 hair over one eye9474 high res34401 hoof hold8799 laughing8391 looking at each other21835 looking at something2767 lying down20518 mare510216 mouth hold18337 paint2002 paint in hair88 paint on fur442 paint stains74 paintbrush1728 painting3825 pie sisters1278 ponyloaf443 prone26642 quintet73 raised hoof49271 rock4667 rock farm556 rock painting3 siblings9859 silly face436 sisters9564 sitting66424 smiling266237 water14433 younger17918


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