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safe1640762 artist:nignogs132 coco pommel5763 earth pony224575 pony906231 4chan6655 alcohol6792 bendy straw155 candle4487 cheek fluff4973 cocobetes647 cute189867 date832 dinner236 drinking straw647 floppy ears48957 flower23950 food66064 looking at you157010 meat1792 nervous5398 pasta393 romantic dinner5 rose3658 rose petals194 spaghetti760 steak86 straw1761 sweat24774 sweating profusely357 wine2435


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
Artist -

Plot twist: she's in a terrified cold sweat because she's desperately hoping that steak wasn't someone she knew and she wishes she was anywhere else doing anything else right now and just wants this hella awkward date to be over with OH CELESTIA WHY WON'T THIS HORROR JUST END ALREADY I JUST WANT TO GO HOME AND CRY!
Background Pony #51BC
she suffered through cooking meat just for you

the steak is probably shit but jfc is that pony marriable

Once you go bacon, you don't go back
Background Pony #2F7F
she ordered wine because she wants you to think she is a big pone, plus she needs the liquid confidence :3
Conversed Corruption
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Well then...
Viewer: "Alright so I know you're very nervous about this, but it'll be fine. it goes like this Coco. First put your plate of spaghetti in the middle, next you and I will reach down and take a bite out of it together to the point where we'll somehow bite onto the same pasta string, we'll look away while slowly nibbling on it as our heads advance closer to each other, when our pasta string ends meet, we'll unknowingly kiss each other. I saw this in an iconic movie once and want to try it. You get all that?"

Coco: "O_O"

Viewer: "GREAT! Let's try it!"