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safe1770112 artist:nignogs142 coco pommel6120 earth pony274553 pony1030038 4chan6644 alcohol7588 bendy straw170 candle5010 cheek fluff6112 cocobetes712 cute208068 date934 dinner243 drinking straw819 floppy ears55518 flower27101 food74148 herbivore vs omnivore24 looking at you178605 meat1993 meme84086 nervous5970 offscreen character36359 pasta434 pov14664 reversed gender roles equestria133 reversed gender roles equestria general54 romantic dinner6 rose4048 rose petals227 spaghetti780 steak94 straw2075 sweat28119 sweating profusely408 waifu dinner258 wine2675


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
Artist -

Plot twist: she’s in a terrified cold sweat because she’s desperately hoping that steak wasn’t someone she knew and she wishes she was anywhere else doing anything else right now and just wants this hella awkward date to be over with OH CELESTIA WHY WON’T THIS HORROR JUST END ALREADY I JUST WANT TO GO HOME AND CRY!
Background Pony #51BC
she suffered through cooking meat just for you
the steak is probably shit but jfc is that pony marriable
Once you go bacon, you don’t go back
Background Pony #2F7F
she ordered wine because she wants you to think she is a big pone, plus she needs the liquid confidence :3