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I have now realized that I think Star Tracker is really cute.
Star Tracker can’t believe he’s in Princess Twilight’s bed, with her tongue all over him. It’s like a dream come true. A fantasy come true.
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explicit463715 artist:ponykittenboi176 star tracker588 twilight sparkle354221 alicorn309370 pony1578763 g42004227 age difference4209 bed56596 female1777326 high res405735 honorary incest52 horsecock97458 licking27239 licking cock7308 male541696 mare726325 nervous8453 nervous sweat556 nudity503769 oral64118 penis209540 precum14791 sex167967 ship:twitracker137 shipping250739 straight176082 straight shota1470 sweat39677 teenager7218 tongue out144536 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147812


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Show accurate really doesn’t apply here. I understand they’re likely referencing the movie style, but the body proportions, wing details, slightly off hair length, detailed shading, not to mention twilight being absolutely thicc in the flank, I feel are different enough not to warrant the tag.
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Well, yeah, of course not, but the lineart and proportions are show-accurate, or show-similar enough that the tag applies. I usually don’t shade this much for show accurate stuff, but after seeing another work of art in the tag with similar shading I thought I’d add some flair to my show-accurate artwork sometimes. It still falls under the tag. If you take a look at the images under the tag, you’ll see that a lot of people don’t stick to the show’s limited shading and lighting.