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Prequal for this picture: MLP: Snowstorm II
AU, were all little Rarity’s family died, crushed in the snow desert.
I’ve started this picture in July 2015 and finished it now. Damn, bad feel again.
Published: Jan 24, 2016
grimdark29848 artist:arainmorn125 cookie crumbles1251 hondo flanks638 opalescence2262 rarity205120 sweetie belle53871 cat7904 pony1351877 unicorn458844 accident1448 alternate universe11794 blizzard346 blood28852 corpse841 crying51174 death5757 despair239 female1628352 filly86396 filly rarity512 kitten360 misery43 panorama275 plane3281 plane crash13 propeller127 sad28872 sadness223 snow17523 snow storm26 snowfall5550 story included11523 tearjerker209 tragedy113 tragic backstory19 wreckage70 younger20510


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Salted Pingas
Duck - They said not to troll... but I didn't listen!
Non-Fungible Trixie -

I’m normally into this kinda stuff, but damn that’s hecking brutal.
Hope Rarity learns to like the taste of pony or else she’s dead like the rest of them.
Background Pony #ABD8
I’m down voting it not because of art but because of the emotional damage it have given me. I’m sending a cease and desist letter to your brain to never again come with idea like this one. My heart hurt for a long time after looking at this. T_T