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You somehow got inside a room in Pinkie's head!

A very random idea that came out of nowhere.


not provided yet


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Wild Stallions
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

"A pony lives inside her head. That's where the seat of her soul is. And this is true objectively as well as subjectively. I was present once — I wasn't directly concerned — when a stallion in Cowrea was deprived of his eyes. And the most astonishing thing happened. He wasn't there anymore. He'd gone, though he was still alive. There was nopony inside his skull. Most odd, I promise you.

So, Pinkie, I am going to where you are, the inside of your head."
Background Pony #4A53
How about Inside Out, but every one of them is Pinkie. Except for one Pinkamena