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Artist Desc:
I just had to draw Starlight’s punk outfit from the Gameloft game. Rarity and Twilight wanted to join in too.
Twilight’s outfit is based on yakovlev-vad’s design

safe2154301 artist:dstears736 gameloft7503 rarity215833 starlight glimmer59342 twilight sparkle354669 alicorn310115 pony1582259 unicorn528712 g42006904 alternate hairstyle37237 bracelet15302 chest fluff63922 clothes625556 cutie mark51407 cutie mark on clothes5867 ear piercing42693 earring31959 edgelight glimmer194 eyebrow piercing1492 eyeshadow29246 gameloft interpretation433 high res406177 hoof shoes9375 jacket19574 jewelry110742 laser1160 light2252 makeup39336 neckerchief2669 piercing62650 punk3061 punklight sparkle863 raripunk1673 skirt54608 tongue out144900 tongue piercing1462 trio25345 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148036


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you know, I always wonder how this hair form of twilight got the label of punklight sparkle, this style just never scream punk to me.