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Old sketchy stuff 💌
Jul 29, 2019
safe1690446 artist:rrusha156 princess luna98485 alicorn221446 pony952061 between dark and dawn1599 clothes453712 cute197485 female1348343 hair bun3283 hawaiian shirt432 licking19948 lunabetes3509 magic72434 mare473142 scene interpretation8471 shirt24433 simple background387970 solo1053234 stamp526 telekinesis27313 that pony sure does love the post office54 tongue out102290 white background96270


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One of the definitions of love:
When you are completely enthralled by even the most mundane actions of a person (or character)
<3 Luna
Background Pony #1E5B
BRUH MY BRAIN… I keep flip-flopping between a condom and the Twitter logo with that postage stamp