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suggestive142975 artist:lupin quill920 dj pon-329258 vinyl scratch29257 pony967416 unicorn323263 series:vinyl scratch weight gain drive11 belly28475 belly on floor257 bent over3846 big belly11345 bingo wings2340 butt58875 chubby cheeks3756 city4241 dialogue65522 fat22122 fat fetish1541 female1362950 fetish39972 flabby chest354 huge butt9862 impossibly large belly10447 impossibly large butt7177 incentive drive221 large butt16762 looking at you168624 looking back57439 mare480479 morbidly obese7861 near immobile292 neck roll990 night26344 obese11561 outdoors10689 plot79034 rolls of fat1788 sign3981 skyscraper259 solo1064108 stars15607 talking to viewer2710 the ass was fat13832 thighs13650 thunder thighs8394 tongue out103939 vinyl ass549 vinyl fat244 weight gain sequence810


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Background Pony #B8E7
@Lupin Quill
All the more reason to not get heavy enough to put a hole in the roof until you’re back inside. Doubt you wanna pay for the damages.

Once you’re back inside, though, by all means, grow to your heart’s content.
Background Pony #B8E7
Might wanna head back home, Vinyl. I doubt the ponies below want you breaking through their ceilings from your sheer weight.