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Took me some time to figure out a Halloween vector idea for this year, and it turns out I like doing gore for this holiday. It takes forrrrreeeeever to do, but it’s worth it in the end.
A story for this, lets say Oliver is walking out of his store at the end of the day and he gets jumped by some crazy pegasus (Awsten) with a knife and dragged into a nearby back alley where he gets his forelegs tied back and stabbed in the torso so Awsten can play with his guts. He’s a zombie so he’ll be fine, it’s just quite rude to do that to somepony you never met without asking first.
Part 1  
Part 2  
Part 3
grimdark29870 grotesque12157 artist:lightningbolt999 derpibooru exclusive31631 part of a set15993 earth pony314679 pegasus357638 pony1209029 undead3195 zombie2533 zombie pony832 .svg available9098 awsten knight35 bipedal40509 blood26985 blood stains254 bloodshot eyes2260 brick wall645 bring me the horizon494 clothes519839 colored pupils11352 colored sclera744 dripping blood73 drop dead clothing229 duo90901 duo male1157 dyed mane406 dyed tail151 ears back1504 fangs29966 flying43141 glasgow smile147 gore4849 grin47266 heterochromia6664 hooves behind back63 intestines474 jewelry80334 knife5903 lidded eyes35326 male423784 necklace23453 nosebleed2534 oliver sykes443 open mouth176655 organs570 ponified44262 rainbow blood197 rope13231 scar13460 shirt29219 smiling298032 spread wings65648 stallion133123 stitches1022 svg4064 t-shirt5193 tattoo6497 tied up6737 torn ear1310 trash can919 vector81328 waterparks36 wings149454


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Then the serial slasher pegasus sold off all their internal organs, forcing the aggrieved zombie boy to search them out and haggle for them with some very amused black market dealers.