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From a dream arc in my Anthro MLP dreamscape. This is the same dream in which Rarity was a freelance genie along the rest of her family. Her younger, but still grown up, sister was a professional fashion and swimsuit model.

Here some drawings of her working for a rum distillery posing for a summertime ad campaign. For the photo shoot Sweetie transferred her anchor point to an empty bottle of the distillery's product. This way she could go into and merge from the bottle during the photo and video shoot.
suggestive132460 artist:baron engel1852 sweetie belle47260 genie1491 unicorn284498 anthro239767 unguligrade anthro44345 arm behind head5685 arm under breasts412 bikini16702 bottle3710 breasts253708 busty sweetie belle1913 clothes425232 collar30158 cuffs3959 erect nipples9290 female1284587 geniefied174 holding2722 mare438809 monochrome144664 nipple outline6637 pencil drawing7468 sitting57404 sports3132 swimsuit26182 traditional art111066 volleyball505


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