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So the keyboard on my laptop died for no reason and I have to use my phone as a bluetooth keyboard until I get it fixed. I’ve decided it’s because my laptop is possessed by a ghost. A thicc ghost pony :P

safe2116716 artist:badumsquish2441 derpibooru exclusive38782 oc916286 oc only666275 ghost3885 ghost pony1018 original species35058 pony1477940 undead5667 adorable distress850 computer7949 cute256916 dialogue88892 female1738519 floppy ears70254 glowing17165 laptop computer3181 looking back82470 ocbetes8662 red eyes10866 sad30617 sadako46 samara20 samara morgan18 show accurate25819 smol1258 solo1380943 static365 struggling1606 stuck3642 the ass was too fat379 the ring113 thick5973


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I’ve heard of a similar idea, where someone watched the haunted video on a cellphone. When Sadako came out of the screen to haunt him, she was the size of a Barbie doll.
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Go fsck yourself
Oooh, and no backspace or delete keys?! That’s buckin’ harsh, man! XD
There’s also Baudot code, basically 5-bit encoding, and even has its own nifty ‘typewriter’:
But I like your idea of Pones being really, really fast typists.
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i do request and beyond
Maybe someday you could make video of it or something on YouTube but… under one condition some of your videos must be sfw proof and not for kids only thing… Because i see what has changed on YouTube somehow
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Me: facepalm How does this even happened?
Ghost Pony: Just get me the heck out of here please…..