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Interesting what else Twilight have in there, and why? )
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Background Pony #F48D
Silverstream: I found them in Spike’s closet.
Gallus: Wow, that dragon has good taste.
Twilight: Wait, Spike, you stole that from me when?!
Spike: Me and Rarity wanted to have some fun a few weeks ago, plus we thought it was Starlight’s.
Twilight: Why?
Spike: Becuase, we found it in her closet.
Twilight: Wait, what was she doing with it?
Rarity: Something about have some principle/vice principle/counselor fetish dreams she always had finally being achieved with Trixie and Sunburst.
Jonny Manz
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I am who I am
I’m trying to figure out the order of the panels. Like, I know the two panels on the left are the first two, but then I can’t tell which one’s the third. Still really like this, tho
Sounds like a good idea to me, haha
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I had once idea that anthro have tattoo of wings on they back, and when they need wings, this tattoo disappears and they have pair of big nice wings, and when they don’t need to fly, wings turns in tattoo again
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If Silverstream could find it so easily, Twilight didn’t hide it very well :3
Also I’m sure Silver wears it better. Gallus seems to agree!