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Originally posted on: August 29, 2016, 6:00 AM UTC  
Sunset Shimmer studying
Say that fast three times. Based on a sketch by the talented Light262, who graciously allowed me to vector her.
A SVG is available here. Be sure to credit Light262 if you use her!

safe2173793 artist:light262647 artist:nano23823126 sunset shimmer79100 pony1601957 unicorn537716 equestria girls255756 g42028498 .svg available10719 book43549 bust77774 female1802125 glasses88659 glowing horn29127 hoof hold12951 horn190206 inkwell642 magic96606 mare740697 picture for breezies3560 quill3391 simple background595996 smiling397244 solo1425592 studying344 svg5254 telekinesis39050 transparent background284316 vector89862


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I like to think that, after the smoke cleared and Sunset returned to Equestria, she became Twilight’s second in command and started boning up on her personal studies, teaching her more advanced practical magic skills to Twilight whilst Twilight taught Sunset her technical and theoretical magic talents. In time, they would ascend to the thrones of Equestria, with Sunset ruling over the day and Twilight the night, both at their maximum power at dawn and dusk.
Starlight, in the meantime, studied their work as they interact, and using a combination of people skills from her cult days and Sunburst’s magical analysis talents, she became the Grand Mage of the Crystal Empire. And in time ~~with a little help from Sunburst ~~ she became the new Princess of Love.
Trixie, being close friends with two of the three governing deities, used her pull from their governments to become the greatest stage magician in all of Equus; her shows were so influential that they altered the zeitgeist forever, cementing Trixie’s place in history as a pop culture icon in the same vein as Elvis or Mozart.
And as for Moon Dancer? She proved that God is dead, and for an encore went on to prove that black is white and got herself killed on the next zebra crossing.