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Woo I’ve been working on this one for awhile!

A piece of the beautiful rarity in her outfit from Hearth’s Warming Eve! She looks regal :)

I also spent a lot of time on the background! I referenced her actual house from MLP to make it!

Enjoy! <3
explicit344152 artist:sursiq96 princess platinum618 rarity179517 pony942600 unicorn312540 hearth's warming eve (episode)651 anatomically correct23360 anus94777 ass47970 bed40013 bedroom eyes58145 butt54062 clothes450189 crossed arms4915 crossed hooves1885 crossed legs3105 crown16279 cutie mark46858 female1339652 fishnets5205 frog (hoof)12314 fullbody323 hearth's warming eve1296 hooves17565 horn62632 jewelry61161 looking at you163796 looking back55693 looking back at you13949 lying down15620 lying on bed1663 mannequin1110 mare468194 nudity362498 on bed3242 ponut42525 presenting23573 purple hair726 purple mane489 purple tail147 raised tail14923 rear view11617 rearity4375 regalia19126 royalty1175 shading1777 solo1046259 solo female177120 stockings31888 tail26282 thigh highs35119 underhoof50813 vagina48334 vulva124888 watermark15696 window8287


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Background Pony #6272
Rarity dresses up really well as Princess Platinum. of course, if Platinum had as hot a bod and horsepussy as Rarity did, no wonder she would be able to command a nation <3