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This is a hypothesis of Princess Celestia making the fullest use of her divine powers to protect Equestria and having a little fun while she’s at it. She eats her subjects to keep them safe while she tackles the danger in question.

suggestive193531 artist:emu34b153 artist:hereward83 derpibooru exclusive41380 edit176916 vector edit4564 applejack203440 fluttershy262705 pinkie pie259825 princess celestia114493 rainbow dash284252 rarity220612 twilight sparkle363041 g42065568 canterlot castle3021 collage2154 female1844972 flutterprey820 giantess6489 giantlestia482 imminent vore3206 macro15351 mane six38012 mega giant780 non-fatal vore777 open mouth245808 pinkie prey757 preydash954 preyjack511 preylight1123 princess vorestia576 rariprey671 safe vore262 salivating2499 uvula3316 vector90846 vore19562


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now that the show is in a limbo, i only see more fetiches than good ideas.