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Sometimes being the King of a kingdom can be a grueling and tiring job. Give it time and it can even become a rather morbid routine, boring and lacking forms of fun and adventure. Calm Merriment is for sure understanding that at the moment. So he decides to invite a friend down for some “fun”. Little does he know the consequences for embarking on his unrestricted “fun” can have on a pony of his stature.
Done by the lovely :iconcandyclumsy: and idea inspired and requested by :iconbuffaloman20:
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safe1880202 artist:candyclumsy758 oc787537 oc:heartstrong flare105 alicorn256863 earth pony321698 pony1226108 unicorn402204 comic:of flanks and foolery25 alicorn oc30775 background pony10890 bipedal41215 booty had me like86 bump307 burglar37 butt143145 canterlot6191 castle2321 clothes525787 comic118599 commissioner:bigonionbean2313 confused5372 crime105 crystal empire2489 cutie mark51706 drunk5338 dummy thicc152 extra thicc1117 flank1814 fusion5953 fusion:heartstrong flare105 glasses72467 hat100897 horn101486 large butt22008 magic81610 male428305 mask7977 outdoors14348 plot100051 random pony484 robbery120 stallion135184 the ass was fat16905 thief377 uniform12472 wings153290 wonderbolt trainee uniform1270 writer:bigonionbean2002


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