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safe2190012 artist:docwario1108 apple bloom60409 applejack201839 earth pony511265 pony1619885 g42045909 alternate accessories22 apple bloom is not amused163 apple carving4 apple sisters1088 applejack's hat14841 carving252 cowboy hat26251 duo175258 female1820102 halloween13242 hat125779 high res408665 holiday35372 jacktober29 nightmare night6147 open mouth240963 pouting2401 ribbon9185 siblings22532 sisters18439 tradition28 unamused24245 upset1671


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AB: Ah don’t know sis. Maybe there’s a reason everypony carves on pumpkins. It ain’t like pumpkins are BIGGER and EASIER to carve!
Background Pony #6CA1
Am I the only one who thinks this is actually pretty cool?
I’d assume do it like the night before and use them for apple-bobbing, and then you compost them.
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AB: But everyone else carves pumpkins!  
AJ: Everyone else is doing it wrong.
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Sleep isn't real.
“Well what’s the point of tradition of I ain’t even good at it? Look at these, if there’s one place they belong— it’s in the trash!”
“Oh nonsense, sugar cube. Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean you have to be good at it. If anything with apple carving, you’re supposed to have fun with it.”
“I know, but compared to yours mine look like a big ol’ accident.”
“Applebloom, listen here. When I was you age, you would be apple to tell the difference between my carvings or a feast for a family of worms. Just give it enough practice and time and I know you’ll get better!”
“Ya really mean it?”
“Heh, gee thanks AJ… Hey, do you have any photos of those apple carvings around? I wanna see it for myself, I think I need mahself a good.”
“Curious little seed aren’t ya? C’mon, there should be an album with ’em somewhere around here.”