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Applejack should really be more careful around Poison-Joke, you never know who might find you!

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explicit338215 artist:blueblaze95193 applejack165778 fluttershy207319 anthro249573 3d71498 animated96064 appletini416 ball growth19 balls72422 belly button74019 big balls8979 big breasts77703 breasts265051 busty applejack9985 busty fluttershy16472 cock vore634 erection12910 fetish38050 flaccid2282 flutterpred614 futa44012 futa fluttershy3921 horsecock65325 huge breasts36463 implied death2497 implied digestion463 impossibly large balls6273 impossibly large penis13198 insertion17057 intersex41976 micro8679 nipples158309 nudity355821 penis146991 preyjack295 sound8150 source filmmaker43759 stomach noise2981 struggling947 vore13923 webm12193


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Background Pony #AB8C
Swallowed down that cock and into those jiggly balls. Man I love how Fluttershy just pushes and slides her down her cock all the way down into her balls.
Background Pony #4828
anyone else find the fact that Flutters nearly pushed her hand completely into her cock especially appealing? Like. Personally i feel like there's a lack of that kinda thing…

Also, self-cockvore. I know, makes no sense, but it's still a super hot thought.
Background Pony #AB0D
anyone remember flutterbat pred cock vore? whatever happened to that. it was what everyone wanted then just vanished as quickly as it came
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I'm the cutest blueberry
unlikely to see that in sfm since there are no liquid physics in the engine. all you can use is models that are animated. might see more of that as blender picks up speed though after the release of 2.8