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This was a commission for a friend/customer on Facebook.
Just wanted to mention on this upload that I am not into feet and I don't have a foot fetish but this was super different from what I usually draw thus it was pretty fun to work on! XD

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suggestive129690 artist:raspberrystudios286 oc609180 oc only409160 oc:aurelia charm131 alicorn199629 anthro233760 plantigrade anthro27944 alcohol6172 alicorn oc22713 barefoot25027 bed36944 bedroom8745 commission54987 drink4427 feet35656 fetish35449 final space45 foot fetish6787 foot focus2312 glass4120 helmet9647 horn47642 multicolored hair4458 nail polish6977 ponysona2586 soles3715 spacesuit937 toenails578 toes5587 wine2021 wine glass1265 wings81391


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Let me also add, the soles are PERFECT, but the toes are not proportional to the soles, which I think is a shame, otherwise this image would literally be perfect and flawless.
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Aurelia in Space
Yeah was quite challenging in all honesty! The anatomy and perspective of the work got a little confusing at times but I did my best I am always open to criticism as that helps me get better in the future so if you have some wisdom for me I would be more than happy to receive it!