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explicit464179 artist:trailssfm286 fluttershy255848 rarity215672 dolphin521 otter190 pegasus486998 anthro354123 plantigrade anthro50314 g42004836 3d120674 barefoot34866 bed56639 big breasts123559 blushing268316 breasts384631 busty fluttershy23563 clothes624612 covering breasts841 dock69916 feet53828 female1778496 foot focus5419 high res405894 huge breasts57321 legs in air4950 looking away5453 lying down44421 nervous8461 nudity504253 plushie30672 shoes58183 soles6861 solo1408067 solo female229969 source filmmaker67218 text87710 toes9198 vagina54514 vulva186363 wings216303


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Fluttershy Lover
You’re not only beautiful, but you’re also very sexy and hot! My waifu’s breasts, butt, vagina, and feet all look so juicy, tender, and delicious!
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
Artist -

Fluttershy's Husband
Awww, my cutie wittle Flutters. Of course you’re beautiful, even cute.  
Those are some of the very reasons why I married you