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explicit399089 artist:trailssfm241 fluttershy231809 rarity198140 dolphin458 otter158 pegasus375460 anthro300796 plantigrade anthro40542 3d95501 bed47720 big breasts100008 blushing228154 breasts325018 busty fluttershy19979 clothes534603 covering breasts640 dock58685 feet46730 female1539778 foot focus3437 huge breasts46315 legs in air4379 looking away4412 lying down28649 nervous6672 nudity430895 plushie26977 shoes46469 soles5388 solo1213474 solo female199937 source filmmaker56181 text71503 toes7553 vagina52209 vulva151176 wings159319


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Fluttershy Lover
You’re not only beautiful, but you’re also very sexy and hot! My waifu’s breasts, butt, vagina, and feet all look so juicy, tender, and delicious!
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
Artist -

Fluttershy's Husband
Awww, my cutie wittle Flutters. Of course you’re beautiful, even cute.  
Those are some of the very reasons why I married you