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suggestive129567 artist:racoonsan497 sandbar4793 starlight glimmer44560 human144316 abs9527 armpits41348 art640 bedroom eyes53092 belly button68789 blushing177633 breasts245386 busty starlight glimmer2100 chair6069 cleavage31383 clothes414315 crossed legs2782 duo50529 female1185591 glimbar3 humanized95189 implied straight5137 jeans3505 lidded eyes27177 male324470 male nipples391 model573 modeling270 nudity334170 older23394 older sandbar89 pants12537 pencil3308 pose4965 pretty boy11 shirt21659 sitting55789 smiling217907 tighty whities134 underwear55651 white underwear3213


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #AD75
Someone's gonna get one hell of an "extra credit" opportunity after class!
Background Pony #95A4
Sandbar looking like a blend of a junior Baywatch character and a K-pop star maybe Jungkook from BTS.

What a body. I can see how Rarity would get distracted.
Instead of focusing on her drawing she starts imagining running her fingers over those abs. Feeling the smooth shaven skin and the hard muscles underneath. The though immediately makes her wet and she resists the urge to move a hand between her legs. Which is when she imagines how her hand travels up his body to caress his smooth, hard chest and feeling his erect nipple, while squeezing his leg between her thighs and softly biting his biceps. At that moment every hope to finish her drawing was lost because she was already dragging the model to the nearby bed.