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she tried
dead source19727 safe1589279 artist:rainbowsprinklesart580 part of a set9834 princess luna94449 rainbow dash220938 alicorn198153 anthro233864 pegasus244850 armpits41681 blue eyes4008 blue fur244 blue wings28 breasts243370 cleavage31044 clothes414457 converse5116 dialogue61034 horn44987 looking at each other16863 magenta eyes80 multicolored hair4328 multicolored mane1188 one eye covered17 open mouth125006 pink eyes441 rainbow hair1908 simple background349829 small breasts2494 spread wings48395 talking4532 tanktop6839 teeth7922 tongue out91974 white background88473 wing massage21 wings78988


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13 comments posted
Wallet After Summer Sale -

That's sad. I just found out about this artist and wanted to collect the art. But if I can't get it from the source I have no prof that I get all of it.
Background Pony #64FB
I don't think 'source needed' is necessary. This right here is the only source now.