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safe1586384 artist:nendo37 pinkie pie204499 queen chrysalis32555 changeling40720 changeling queen12280 earth pony202991 adventure in the comments1245 blushing177613 cherry919 cooking1019 cupcake4949 cute180300 cutealis2021 diapinkes8811 duo49886 embarrassed10188 female909238 food61599 open mouth124601 wide eyes16276


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65 comments posted
Background Pony #E8A7
Lol see what I mean? You got an idea of what he's been saying about these uploads, nothing but attention seeking, but he may return sadly using another account using as much stupidity as possible.
Background Pony #E8A7
@Background Pony #7F55
You're mentally ill. The mods will need to lock the comments to stop dumb people like you. I feel bad for the uploader for having to deal with a moron like you…