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Sandbar: Since you’re so unaffected by the heat, you can go to Sugarcube Corner and bring us some ice cream
Ocellus: Oooh! Yes please Smolder!
Smolder: Ugh… fine…
Silverstream: You’re so lucky Smoldy! I have to put lots of coat protection when I have a bath to keep the sun rays safe!
Smolder: Oh yeah, your coat is fairly short during the summer. Wasn’t that an issue when you were living in the ocean?
Ocellus: I know when I go swimming, I get a lot more toasty than if I was lying on the grass!
Silverstream: Nope! We were far enough underwater that the sun’s rays don’t really reach us. What about Griffons, Gallus?
Gallus: There’s no such thing as sun in Griffonstone. Too much cloud cover.
Yona: Griffon not considered being weathergriffon and clearing clouds for everycreature?
Gallus: Nope.


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Frost Giant
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

cold and cruel
What’s a day at the beach to a creature that casually bathes in molten hot magma which averages well over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit