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You won’t see moments like these in the show (because, obviously, it’s over)
Yup, had the intention of drawing the best mother with her best daughter. Because I love seeing them together so much.  
I truly believe this is the best work I have done so far, with background scenery being the greatest achievement - I put effort in it to make it look like it’s taken from the show.  
Of course it costed me more time to finish it and a few of Inkscape crashes (and rendering problems), but in the end it was worth it.

No BG version

safe2171818 artist:ace play582 applejack200213 pear butter3844 earth pony445178 pony1599902 g42026581 absurd resolution67439 apple21186 apple tree4301 cute265418 duo169185 female1799803 filly97206 filly applejack793 food101111 jackabetes7929 looking at each other34226 mother and child6083 mother and daughter8392 pear728 pear tree343 pearabetes417 prone35108 show accurate26755 sitting on head240 tree49199 vector89826 younger22800


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I’ll forever be salty over the fact that we never got to see lil AJ interact with her parents.