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My commission from racoon of Sexy Sunset in the park (may upload the lewds, i have permission to upload 1 or 2 from racoon )
safe1727563 artist:racoonsan557 sunset shimmer63868 equestria girls203235 anime5602 barefoot28001 barefooting83 beautiful5679 beautisexy906 bedroom eyes60313 belly button79532 big breasts83859 bikini18565 black swimsuit233 breasts283555 busty sunset shimmer5553 clothes467390 commission70666 cutie mark swimsuit152 eyeshadow16097 feet40702 female1381841 human coloration5269 jeweled swimsuit101 looking at you172217 makeup22137 sarong1059 sexy30081 shirt25547 skirt40395 stupid sexy sunset shimmer924 summer sunset228 swimsuit28927


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Edit permission
Yeah, I too would prefer normal sized boobs rather than huge ones myself. However, I can always enjoy some good boobs no matter the size.
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Invisible Enemy
I always thought Sunset Shimmer had the best swimsuit in the EG series.
Also, another great thing about this drawing is that she's barefoot. That idea is always welcome.
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Background Pony #124F
How far is the beach or something like that from her? If it’s far, then why would she be barefoot? (Fetish reasons lol )
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