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So many asked for more voiced Twilight… I did this way before became a thing, so the dialogue might be a bit derp :D
It was originally released in 15 fps, but I thought it looked a bit choppy. So I put in a couple of days of extra work into it and managed to get decent in-betweens for 30 fps. Some things about it aren’t prefect, mainly because of how springs behave in TBH when altering framerate. The render time was around 40 hours, which I had to do five times, due to animation errors, a crash, and a power cut at 80 %…
I already did a sequel, this time with fully voiced Rainbow Dash, and it will be released to public in a few months! Right now I’m waiting for to get their act together so I can do more…
One last thing: I love reading your comments, so pretty please stay civil. I don’t want the comment section to get locked again.

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explicit479570 grimdark30923 artist:haltie211 twilight sparkle361396 alicorn319872 anthro365829 g42055747 abdominal bulge10067 afterglow2047 aftersex12744 ahegao34705 angry37093 animated127711 anus140231 ass81526 balls111849 balls deep2462 bedroom eyes83548 bent over5899 big breasts128512 blackletter476 both cutie marks14560 bouncing6386 bouncing breasts4990 breasts397871 burger2749 busty twilight sparkle16688 butt236213 butt jiggle557 cellphone8193 chest fluff67351 chocolate4624 chocolate milk833 cleavage47537 cleavage fluff1008 clitoris42865 clothed female nude female3139 clothed female nude male2243 clothes645606 creampie46447 cum107254 cumming32616 discussion in the comments824 dock72910 doggy style10595 dripping8163 dubious consent2401 erect nipples17215 everything is ruined347 exhibitionism13660 exploitable meme33736 faceless male7347 fast food426 female1831401 female focus12848 female orgasm1468 food103147 from behind18934 giggling1224 hay burger829 horn204812 horngasm1063 horsecock101241 huge breasts59555 humiliation2814 humming94 instant loss 2koma323 jiggle2514 lidded eyes49544 lollipop chainsaw135 looking at you265231 looking back88519 looking down15072 looking over shoulder4747 looking up24579 magic98050 male560282 mating press1273 meme94668 middle finger1474 milk6752 missionary position6998 moaning9648 music4688 music video408 newspaper2067 nipple outline11465 nipples246957 non-con to con1 nudity521295 obscured penetration3797 offscreen character53518 offscreen male5926 on back34909 open mouth243082 orgasm19005 panties64660 panties aside2143 panty sex1 pendulum (band)8 penetration89662 penis217180 phone12696 pie4271 ponut65505 pov20626 public humiliation666 public nudity4841 public sex4785 pure unfiltered evil1988 rape9193 recording1440 rough sex1375 screaming4943 see-through7653 sex174529 slap627 smiling406556 socks97345 solo focus30288 sound17542 spanking3449 spill348 spilled milk390 spread legs31246 spreading32712 straight182049 tank top11107 that pony sure does love burgers304 the ass was fat21379 thigh highs61288 tongue out149922 twibutt9376 twilight burgkle683 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150891 underwear80002 vaginal58617 vaginal secretions54308 voice acting1471 vulgar25589 vulva194572 wall of tags6911 webm26535 wings230144


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Trick Question
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@Background Pony #B17C
I don’t have a problem with the image or the fantasy, I’m just saying the situation is clearly dubcon/non-con-to-con at best (and it already has both of those labels). I’d agree it should be semi-grimdark rather than grimdark, but the rape tag forces grimdark and that tag gets used judiciously on this site to help people who want to filter it out. Same thing happens for sleeping sex if consent isn’t super-obvious by other context: it’s always grimdark even if it doesn’t look like it should be.
That said, no, a woman you don’t know flirting and flashing you the middle finger doesn’t give you the right to rape her, even if that did happen in reality. Make sure you keep fantasy separate from the real world.
Background Pony #1477
All those foods just end up on the floor while having sex on the dining table.
That’s sound hot
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@Trick Question
She sarcastically gave him the middle finger while she was slowly pulling down her bra. In my eyes that’s just asking for it. And if you wanna compare this to reality, real women wouldn’t react this way when a stranger tells them they want to have sex with them.
Background Pony #B17C
@Trick Question
Considering it’s a hentai and that’s not a real woman I’d say their ideals are probably tame but they aren’t wrong about this hentai. She is DEF asking for it. The rape tag needs removed
Background Pony #7C61
She was totally asking for it with the teasing and those skimpy clothes.
“I’d never have sex with you” was code for “I want you to make me do it”.
Background Pony #934F
Twilight will not talk like this, say (what a dick,) no is how ponies talk in equestria, will more say what the hay!
Background Pony #ED74
My thoughts as the chocolate milk spilled:  
1: sad discord noises.  
2: Tomska Animation:  
Man 1 - “Oh no I spilled my milk.”  
Man 2 - “You killed us all!”  
Man 1 - screaming no that turns to gurgling as milk clouds the building.
Ps. Discord version of chaos in a Tomska video:
“Who parked their wagon(car) on my sandwich?”