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safe1587817 artist:sugar morning1162 oc612154 oc only412887 oc:midnight aegis42 oc:peach hack28 bat pony43778 pegasus244365 pony855271 :33958 :t3740 animated92567 behaving like a cat1935 biting3357 biting wing2 blushing177861 commission53683 couple4670 cute180628 cute little fangs1745 fangs22377 female916369 floppy ears46853 frame by frame3624 grooming293 heart43612 hoof hold7418 hoofy-kicks747 male309384 mare420620 nom2896 oc x oc13366 ocbetes4292 onomatopoeia3442 pink background2310 preening609 shipping185488 side6459 simple background349287 spread wings48338 stallion94144 straight122712 weapons-grade cute3247 wings78707


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Background Pony #2D11
Be careful if you help a pegasus preen her wings. Among them it's considered a very intimate act.