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safe2171608 artist:johnjoseco4541 princess celestia112569 alicorn313527 pony1599738 g42026433 blushing273465 cloud43123 cute265389 cutelestia4270 drink8688 drinking5136 female1799625 floaty700 glowing horn29080 happy44436 hooves in the water1 horn189033 inflatable2482 looking at you258648 magic96461 mare739047 open mouth236913 pool toy1139 solo1423822 summer2094 sunglasses21029 telekinesis38980 tube289 water25366 wet mane6431


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I don’t follow him, and it sounds like you know more than I do.
Oh wow. Guess another assumption of mine is that artists from picarto tend to know each other and stream chat from time to time. Whelp, I shall put my foot in my mouth. x3

He really does just love anime. JJ is one of the few brony artists I really couldn’t call a furry to be honest.haha
He ain’t “limited” thats for damn sure. Know several artists myself that done many anthro works and never labeled themselves as such. Granted, you don’t have to be part of a group to enjoy drawing stuff from it.
JJ is VERY talented dude.

JJ just loves him some anime style ladies is all.
You and Meanlucario probably know more about him than me cause I only go by just years of observation towards his works. He MIGHT be easing into it by the “Equus” race he shown in Salamanstra where this girl sniper had horse ears and a tail. He even said there are “full” and “half” beastfolk in each nonhuman race so MAYBE we might get to see one? xD
Just years of buildup assumption.