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suggestive135027 artist:charliexe309 sunset shimmer59964 equestria girls190798 adorasexy9116 ass45650 breasts260191 bunset shimmer1595 butt46315 clothes434639 cute189297 description story13 female1303032 legs7738 looking back53227 one eye closed27898 open mouth133047 sexy27362 shimmerbetes4189 shoes33423 sneakers4797 solo1018350 solo female173706 thighs10705 wink23155


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Background Pony #D910

It's a normal day at school, and Sunset is with her friends to discuss something very important that has been disturbing her.

Sunset: He is a pervert! I don't understand how everyone can forgive him so easily!

Oops, Sunset wants to protect her friends from your lewd attitudes, although we know that everything that happened was nothing more than a serious misunderstanding.

Applejack: As far as I know, it's Pinkie who … PLAF MMMMNN!!?
Pinkie covers AJ's mouth
Pinkie: What is that AJ, are you thirsty? Lel…
Sunset: Applejack, remember he asked Pinkie to send him a picture of you in underwear. Rarity, remember he went to the bathroom when you were going to take a shower. Fluttershy, he also saw you in underwear! You Pinkie, he forced you to wear a wet t-shirt! And he saw me on babydoll!.. Although that was partially your fault, Rarity ¬_¬’'
Sci-Twi: I think it was just unfortunate events, that’s all :/.
Pinkie: Interesting… What do you have in mind Sunset e.e, I can help you.
Sunset: No. This will be my fight against him. I will protect you girls!! DX
Fluttershy: Don't you think you're exaggerating a little bit, Sunset? :O
Sunset's eyes show determination: She wants to do whatever it takes to get you away from her friends! :O .. Hmm, think about it, that includes Pinkie. It wouldn't be bad at all x’D.

the next day

You: I'm going to be late!

Today is for sale the new video game The Legend of Equestria: The Trombone of Time … if I dont arrive on time, I will lose my game !!
But when I walk into the store … —- SOLD —-

It already happened to me once with a movie (when I met Juniper), and now with the video game that I waited for a long time! You really hate me, dont you?! However, at that time I receive a text message (SMS): “Do you want the game? Defeat me first: one game, one match, one winner. Go to my home, 6:00 pm.. don’t run. Sunset”

You: …
NOBODY TOUCH MY VIDEO GAMES! NOBODY!!!! You wanna play huh?! I accept! And i will crush you!!

Rarity and Pinkie are hidden watching you in the distance. It seems all of this was a plan for you to accept the Sunset's challenge … and boy, that was easy!

Rarity: How did you know that he was coming here to buy his video game right now, and precisely THAT video game… o_o’
Pinkie: ahmm… It doesn’t matter! <.<
Both girls leave the place. Part one of the plan: success.

6:00 pm, duel hour

The tension is felt all over the place… it’s time for the legendary match between Sunset and you, even the girls are nervous… except Sunset who is confident of her victory. She has been training all day and there is no way she will lose.
Knock knock — Someone knocks on the door, due to the noise, it's obvious the one on the other side is very angry.

R. Dash: Just in time haha!
You: get out
Woah, you're so mad bro! You walk until you see your rival, she is laughing while Sci-Twi holds a small box…

You: My Legend of Equestria game!… Daddy came to save you, don't worry!. Sunset. Why…
Sunset: Still don't get it? I’m here to protect girls from your pervy behaviors! I don't know how Fluttershy, Sci-Twi or even Pinkie can forgive such acts, but I don't!
You: wait what?! O_o! That's what it is all about?! That was a misunderstanding!! Dx
Sunset: excuses! Anyway, this is what will happen. We will play Mariano Kart 1 vs 1. If you win, you take your game: the Legends of Equestria .. but, If you lose: you get away from the girls. FOREVER!
Everyone: WHAT?!
Applejack: Excellent apples! yummi! :3 nom nom… hmm? something happened? o.o
Sunset: Or, you can take the game now, but still you have to get away from the girls. This way you avoid the humiliation that I will give you if you accept my challenge _! You choose.

This must be the most difficult decision you have ever had: On the one hand, you have your epic game, which you have been waiting for years, the only copy available. But on the other hand, there is your friendship with the girls. If you accept the challenge, you can win the game, but there is the risk that you can never be together with your friends if you lose. However, there is the other option: You can take your game now, but that means giving up friendship with the girls.

You: keep it
Sunset: hmm?
You: You can't compare a stupid game to a friendship like ours. Keep it.
Sunset: you give up?
You: nop. I only take the second option, but I don't accept the deal, that's all.

Well, apparently it was an easy decision for you XD.

Pinkie: WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! she hugs you
You: get off me idiot!! AARGHH!
Fluttershy: Pinkie leave him alone!, you're choking him! Dx
Sunset: heh sigh, yeah I lost. She looks at you and smiles Hey.. take your game. You win this time, but you won't leave here without playing a game of Mariano Kart. Prepare yourself!
You: sure!

Sunset approaches the sofa and tries to catch up to the game, leaning forward. You can perfectly see her… O///o…

You: …
Pinkie ahm dummy, why you face is red?… … … ooohh I see! Xddd, yeah, Sunset has a nice “backside”, if you know what I mean :3
Sunset: hmm? You said something?… … … ?! O///O.. WOAH!! I knew it!!
Sunset covers her "backside" with her hands as she turns around!
You: No! wait! I swear I didn't see anything!!
Sunset: Stop lying pervert!!! D<! COME HERE!!
Pinkie: run dummy, RUN!! HAHAHAHA XD.