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ATG Day 8 — Draw a pony experiencing something unexpected.

Two background ponies have a harrowing realization that they are indeed background ponies.
Imagine meeting someone else that has everything identical to you besides color; the identity crises it would cause!
safe1681663 artist:notadeliciouspotato116 berry punch6511 berryshine6511 cherry berry2110 earth pony239592 pony943748 atg 2020905 dialogue64067 duo58912 female1340809 looking at each other19525 mare468820 newbie artist training grounds5601 open mouth140947 raised hoof44485 recolor4210 simple background385225 speech bubble22663 surprised9072 talking5369 white background95513 wide eyes16844


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Background Pony #B0F1
Well, yes, but actually no. You just have same mane styles and normal pony bodies, that isn't so different from the real world. You have very different personalities, different cutie marks etc.

Same goes for many other ponies like Colgate, Lyra, Roseluck… while it may be tempting to just call yourselves recolors, the truth isn't quite like that.
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Fun fact: One of the cut scenes from "Slice of Life" would have been basically this, with one pony saying "Well, one of us is going to have to change."