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80, Mercury
Weasyl | Pixiv | Twitter | Inkbunny | Deviant Art | e621

Fluorescent vapour lamps used for lighting large buildings use mercury, and the element is still associated with thermometers and heat despite its toxicity being recognised.

SVG here.
safe1654471 artist:parclytaxel1299 dj pon-328811 vinyl scratch28814 pony918921 unicorn302004 series:joycall6's periodic table116 .svg available8088 absurd resolution65079 bust46526 chemistry329 cute191906 female1318004 fluorescent lamp2 hydrargyrum2 lamp2531 lights800 looking up15591 mare456473 mercury (element)15 periodic table196 solo1030498 vector74793 weapons-grade cute3556


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