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explicit343478 artist:foughtdragon0196 rarity179242 unicorn311516 anthro253919 bedroom eyes58044 belly button75622 big breasts79541 breasts269969 busty rarity12434 clothes449223 couch7960 female1337241 kneeling8369 looking at you163348 mare466981 nipples161661 nudity361796 panties49318 panties aside1548 panties pulled down3880 partial nudity19930 red panties122 smiling240627 solo1044486 solo female176978 topless12286 underwear59639 vagina48271 vulva124634


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Background Pony #F3AC
If only you drew ponies like you used to! looking at all of your anthro drawings, there's hardly any imagination or creativity put into them at all, judging by all of them basically using the same anatomy and body types and one of two poses. and there is little to no consideration of the personalities of the characters being shown in your anthro drawings. they feel rather uninspired and look visually unremarkable, technical qualities aside such as proportions, shading, and body detail being fine. it's about as generic as the average furry OC drawing.
but with your pony drawings you are forced to be creative and use some imagination, and the viewer would appreciate it (as the viewers did and still do appreciate your old pony drawings). the pony art that you used to draw is more memorable and special, and it had far more interesting results from cute, to funny, dark, lewd, badass, nostalgia, comfy, and so on. you put imagination and soul into those old pony drawings and they're better than almost everything you've made since for that reason.